Meet the team: Koala

  Our camps feature everything for you to spend the best of days for your wedding, and that includes an awesome honeymoon night. We’ve done our research, and blow-up beds or stretcher beds don’t really qualify for an ‘awesome’ night. We do camping weddings, but we add a whole lot of comfort into them, so […]

Meet the team: Petite Visuals

MEET THE TEAM videography, photography and creative design Petite Visuals’ style of wedding photography and wedding videography is a cross between candid and fine art. Morgane, the frenchie behind Petite Visuals, likes natural light, shadows and most of all real emotions. It’s kind of documentary, intimate, raw, it’s a bit moody with a touch of quirkiness. […]

Meet the team: Breathe Bell tents

Our campsites are complemented by the 100% Coton canvas Breathe Bell Tents. Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth. The canvas is soft, natural, earthy that glows inside and out with natural or artificial light. We chose to use Breathe bell tents because they use the best quality canvas tested in the […]

Meet the team: The Simple Gesture

Bec is the founder of The Simple Gesture. A bespoke gifting studio that specialises in curated and custom luxury gift boxes and new floral design. Her vision is to combine what she is passionate about; finding the perfect gift, flowers and the area that she lives and loves, Gippsland. Her bouquets consist of beautiful seasonal blooms, with a wild […]

Meet the team: Duart Homestead

Nath and Tash at Duart Homestead have a modern and passionate vision about food and entertaining guests. Located in the beautiful little town of Maffra, the homestead as been passed on from generation to generation. Duart is a Victorian Homestead built in 1883 which features a new terraced garden area adjacent to the mighty 160 […]