Gippsland is a magnificent region, abundant with beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, the ocean, amazing wildlife and lush landscapes.

Our names are Ash & Chris, proud owners and operators of Under the Moon Elopements. Both are born and raised in Gippsland, and very much in love with the region. It has so much to offer and its wild, untouched scenery is something we want to be able to share with couples, their nearest and dearest and even the occasional fur baby.

Growing up in the small country town of  Erica, Chris spent most of his childhood and his adult life due to his job allowing him to galavant around the countryside, finding all the hidden gems and has become quite knowledgeable about the region. When Chris isn’t wandering around the bush either on foot or horseback, you can find him behind a guitar and microphone serenading the people at local bars and pubs or down at the rink playing Inline Hockey. When the sun’s out the home renovations are all happening but when the sun disappears for the winter months, the snowboard comes out and the gigs see a move to higher ground.

Ash, on the other hand, did not grow up surrounded by beautiful bush lands. But her love of being surrounded by nature, being super dooper organised, writing lists within lists and event planning is where she steps in. She has the gift to create something from very little into something you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. Ash is also a certified Reiki practitioner with a deep connection to energy and the earth. She can’t get enough of  being outdoors, creating magical moments, building new connections and making people smile.

As a team Chris and Ash are very down to earth, relatable, approachable and easy going. We iron out each others creases and keep everything up beat for smooth sailing. We each have our own individual qualities and strengths that we bring to the Under The Moon table and it just wouldn’t work without one or the other.  We pride ourselves on what we do and being unique to other wedding services in the area is what we strive to achieve. 

We understand that not everyone is into the BIG wedding thing, and that an intimate and smaller wedding might be more suited. It’s not always the big grand venue and expensive decorations that make a wedding, we truly believe it’s the experience that makes the moment so memorable. Which is where we step in combining the beautiful region, our passion for weddings and events, love and unique experiences together to create Under the Moon. 

The wild and intimate elopements for adventurous couples.

The perfect combination of everything: love, comfort, wilderness.

If you feel inspired by this vision, c’mon, let’s chat! We would love to hear from you.