The what, when, how’s and why’s…

Elopement & Wedding Packages

We understand that weddings generally start off as a fun and exciting adventure. From pinning
inspo on your pinterest board to getting quotes for venues and various services, but.. It’s not
uncommon that it can quickly turn stressful and leave you feeling way too overwhelmed… You
are not alone, we totally get it!

We are finding that more and more couples are leaning towards an intimate setting with a
relaxed vibe surrounded by those that are closest for their special day and getting back to what
the day is really about. Rather than getting caught up in the glitz and glam of it all then the next
thing you know you have spent a fortune on a wedding and you are totally stressed out.
Over 75% of our phone consults the last few year have started off by the couples telling us “We had our
wedding booked for over 100+ guests, everything was locked in and we cancelled it because it
was too stressful and overwhelming”. We are pleased to say that this the opposite of what
Under the Moon is all about. We take the stress out of your day so there is more room to fill it
with laughter and love.

So what is it we do exactly?
 We plan your wedding from start to finish, from the concept through
to picking the vendors that are the right fit for your vision and budget. We arrange the quotes and invoices
to the venue and vendors, this ensures you are not having to talk to so many different people and worrying about who needs what, when, how
and why?! We liaise with you from start to finish via phone, text, email, skype, facetime, face to
face or smoke signals if necessary and collaborate with all of the vendors involved on your
behalf to ensure everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. You can have as much or as little
involvement in the planning process as you like. Some couples love the idea of being
completely surprised and know very little until they arrive at the location and some couples
prefer to be involved at every step and know every detail. We enjoy both and are very flexible so
either works with us. We take care of all the planning, setup and logistics in the lead up to the wedding, coordination on the day and pack up/clean up the following day.

So what is it you need to do?
 Literally, all you have to do is pick your dress and suit, send invites
to your nearest and dearest, rock up at the location with your alcohol (as this is BYO) and breakfast for your guests for the next morning. On the day you will get your hair and makeup done, get
married and dance the night away under the moon and stars with your lover, friends and
family… Sounds terrible doesn’t it….
You can make your day as intimate as you wish or extend the invite to friends and family. We
provide elopements just for the two of you or a bigger celebration with any number of guests up
to 80, depending on what your budget allows of course.

What’s different from us to other wedding planners/venues?
 What we do, where we do it and
the service we provide is very unique. We both have a very laid back and approachable nature
that shows through when we plan and run an event and you immediately feel relaxed as soon
as you step onto our location surrounded by nature. There is no rushing, stressing or panic.
We make the whole event planning process as simple as possible, so there is no stress or
anxiousness in the lead up and on the day. You can just simply soak it all in and enjoy yourself.

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQS page. If you love what we are all about then get
in touch for a chat. The first step is a phone consultation. This gives us the chance to get to know
each other, find out what your vision is for the day, what your budget is then we can put together
a detailed proposal for you with all the services you want included in your package.
We look forward to being apart of your special day and making it one you won’t forget.