Nath and Tash at Duart Homestead have a modern and passionate vision about food and entertaining guests. Located in the beautiful little town of Maffra, the homestead as been passed on from generation to generation. Duart is a Victorian Homestead built in 1883 which features a new terraced garden area adjacent to the mighty 160 year old Moreton bay Fig tree and historical Maffra Homestead. Nath and Tash have really brought this home to its original candeur, and they are even planning on making a B&B.

With Under the Moon, they can tailor the menus to suit your desires, your location and the season. They can make it a gargantuan feast for your all your senses or a small private simple affair. They can provide grazing platters, grill local produce & poach pears on an open fire in the mountains or BBQ seafood at the beach; whatever floats your boat! And, with their VW Kombi named “Bertha” they deliver your meals, breakfast and barista made coffee in the morning, right in the comfort of your tent.

They use our best local produce: local cheese, local wines, local fruits and vegetables. Their gourmet grazing platters are one of a kind: they have savoury, sweets, seafood, charcuterie… anything you can think of. And the best part is that they deliver it to our locations, even remote venues.

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