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Petite Visuals’ style of wedding photography and wedding videography is a cross between candid and fine art. Morgane, the frenchie behind Petite Visuals, likes natural light, shadows and most of all real emotions. It’s kind of documentary, intimate, raw, it’s a bit moody with a touch of quirkiness. She tries to take pictures that people will cherish for the years to come. The little details of a wedding, when no one’s looking. The laughter, the cheeky smiles, the soft tears. She loves the details that make people look back and say: “oh remember that tie Uncle Steve was wearing?! What a cracker” or the details of a family home “remember that wallpaper in the kitchen at your mum’s, look!”. Getting a bite of people’s lives and making it a beautiful memory.

She’s passionate about anything visual. This is why you can also have Petite Visuals creating your whole wedding stationery, from design to print. On coton paper, wood signage, vellum paper, clear acrylic… anything. She also customises the designs with some vintage illustration or custom handmade illustrations. It can be a map, flowers, silhouettes… She finds the perfect design that match YOU and your story.

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