Our campsites are complemented by the 100% Coton canvas Breathe Bell Tents. Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth. The canvas is soft, natural, earthy that glows inside and out with natural or artificial light.

We chose to use Breathe bell tents because they use the best quality canvas tested in the harsh Australian climate, they withhold the heaviest of rain, thunder and lightning as well as the harshest of sunshine. We also love the tents because of Lucy’s, the owner of Breathe Bell Tents , knowledge and passion for the tents.

She recalls:

“Growing up in West Wales my parents had a bell tent, second hand from the Second World War, made from thick heavy canvas, no groundsheet and a thick wooden central pole. Now more than 70 years old this tent is still in working condition and still being used! Initially used on family road trips to and from Italy, we then would pitch in the garden as an extension of the house in summer and as teenagers would take this same tent to music festivals. This tent has been central to my life and when we wanted to go camping with our own young family here in Australia it was the only tent we wanted but no one was importing them to Australia and thus Breathe Bell Tents was born.”

Lucy doesn’t stop at just owning and selling bell tents, she wants to help like-minded people, and spread the word about the natural and eco-friendly lifestyle the bell tent ties. Breathe Bell tents supports a lot of different organisations within the environmental, cultural and sporting fields:

They have been active members and supporters of Surfing Mums Inc since 2014 donating sun shades, offering discounts to members on tents and accessories encoyraging connection on surf trips and offering shade at the beach. Surfing Mums is a non profit organisation supporting mothers and carers of young children, getting them back into the surf, back into nature, encouraging physical fitness, community and supporting mental and physical wellbeing.

Another project they have been involved in is a project supported by the Arts Council, ‘Cool Change’ by the artist Jocelyn Tribe. A travelling Japanese block printing ‘Mokuhanga’ workshop, set up within a bell tent donated by Breathe Bell Tents Australia. A space representing a ‘cool change’ from the arid dry season of the Northern Territory, bringing  awareness of the importance of culture and connection to the land, for social and emotional well-being in Indigenous communities.

More recently, they have set up links with Nature Play SA, a small NGO established three years ago, to increase the amount of time today’s generation of children spend playing outdoors in nature. The Nature Play Forest Festival which attracts 9000 children and their families to Kuitpo Forest south of Adelaide. This event aims to provide opportunity for children and families to enjoy and explore the Forest together. Breathe Bell Tents have donated a bell tent, a space in which workshops can take place or a dry space created.

It is for all of these reasons that we LOVE Breathe Bell tents and chose to team up with Lucy and her beautiful vision.


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