Our camps feature everything for you to spend the best of days for your wedding, and that includes an awesome honeymoon night. We’ve done our research, and blow-up beds or stretcher beds don’t really qualify for an ‘awesome’ night. We do camping weddings, but we add a whole lot of comfort into them, so your stay is unique and without sore-backs the next day.

We looked around for durable mattresses, talking to a lot of sales rep., tried a few beds, some were good but too heavy to transport on camp, some were too soft, they just didn’t quite cut it. Then a family member kept raving about a mattress she bought. She invited us to a ‘slumber’ party at her house to come see for ourselves. And there it was, the best mattress we tried, by far! Soft but not too soft, light enough to transport but heavy enough to sleep very comfortably. It also had a tag on it saying: Australian made.

At Under the Moon, we try everything to use eco-responsible products who support Australian businesses: from our bed bases (locally handmade with sustainable wood), to our biodegradable confetti for the ceremony. It is important to us.

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on a mattress for ourselves! So we contacted Koala and explained our camping wedding concept and they loved the idea! This is how this great partnership came about. We love Koala mattresses, but more than just a great product, we genuinely love Koala’s approach on doing business too. Their online-only business model means they can offer the best quality products and service, at a price that doesn’t cost the earth. They also believe, like us, that reversing environmental trends and leaving Earth in better nick than we found it is important. That’s why they constantly improve their environmental footprint of their materials and business practices. For every Koala mattress sold, a donation is made to WWF and other charities that will help protect and preserve koalas and their habitats for generations to come – so when you get your Koala mattress, you ‘adopt’ a koala!

Our honeymoon suite features a Koala Queen mattress, our guest tents also feature Koala Single mattresses. For the anecdote, when we received our Koala mattresses to Under the Moon HQ, the delivery man said “they really must be good, I never had to come back and return any of them”. Not a surprise they are Australia’s highest rated mattresses!

** WIN a romantic retreat for you and your partner and 6 of your friends with us and Koala! Go on Koala’s Facebook page to ENTER ** offer closes on the 26th of November 2017

Go check them out at KOALA   |    WEBSITE     |      FACEBOOK     |       INSTAGRAM 

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