How to make your wedding more eco-responsible

Making your event the most eco-friendly possible probably isn’t your top priority, but that’s ok. However there are small ways that you could consider to make a little difference on your big day.


Some types of flowers might be cheaper to be imported. So some florists might choose to use imported flowers for obvious reasons (financial reasons or availability). As you might know, importing goods involve a few issues concerning the environment: issues about pollution while transporting, issues about the chemicals used to grow the flowers, the labour standards etc… So when you can, it might be a good idea to see directly with your florist and ask wether or not they supply Australian, or locally cut flower foliage, and flowers that are seasonal. Our florist Bec from The Simple Gesture feels particularly strong about this:

“I always try and source my flowers as locally as possible and always from Australia. There are some amazing growers and gardens in Gippsland which we will use if available.”

So when you can, try to fetch seasonal local flowers. Furthermore, Australian flowers tend to last longer, so you’ll be able to enjoy your arrangements long after your big day!


Maybe your caterer offers organic food, or local food, or even organic local food! Most food vendors tend to accomodate the clients to their specifications (like gluten-free, vegan options etc.). Maybe you could try to discuss a menu that follows the season, and your geo-location? Or if it is getting too expensive, maybe think of a substituting the meat for a more ‘eco’ option: a vegan meal?

A vegan menu has a higher chance to be suitable for all your guests: no more “he can’t eat fish, but he can eat beef, but I can’t eat eggs”, it can be gluten free or dairy-free, with low risk of allergy (apart from nuts), filling, on trend (yes)… Most guests with food intolerances or allergies will be able to enjoy a meal without worrying. Don’t get us wrong, here at Under the Moon we love a good camper fire roast, so does our food vendor Duart; but we understand the need to reduce meat consumption for a more eco-friendly option. This is why we offer tailored menus that match our different locations and our couple’s requirements.


Is your wedding an outdoor one? If you have a prop/furniture hire vendor, maybe you could ask for solar powered lights or more candle lights? They might even have organically dyed table cloths or other things on offer if you asked. If you are styling your wedding yourself, think of op-shops or second-hand for things to arrange around the place. It will also be cheaper and maybe more unique!

If you’re building a wedding arch, maybe you can look at using reclaimed wood, or re-usable materials.


To push this even further, we could even suggest to ask your photographer to edit the photos on a computer powered by a threadmill, or a wheel, windmill or solar panels of some sorts?!!! Ahah! Why not hey! *yes, we like sarcarsm too*

We know it’s probably not the thing you’d think about when organising a wedding, but by just doing small changes to how you plan your wedding is how we all start making a difference.

photo credits: The Simple Gesture


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