Situated in the beautiful Strezlecki ranges, Soulfoods Cloverlea is a 3 acre property dedicated to the regeneration and revegetation of our land. A sanctuary for birds, bees and butterflies, Soulfoods endeavours to create an environment that can nourish the body and the soul. With a registered kitchen on-site; workshops, private gatherings and events are all prepared on the property.

Kim’s family have been farmers and producers for many years and it has given them a deep love for home grown and local, seasonal produce. They believe that great ingredients are the key to delicious food. Kim loves talking with clients about creating menus that are unique, ethical and nutritious.  The essence of the property is captured and transferred to the food in her beautiful, seasonal presentation.

They are innovative and flexible and have menus to suit all dietary requirements. They are particularly interested in healthy options and love creating events with meals that are both delicious, nutritious and visually stunning.

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