Our locations


We have different locations for your event. We will choose the location depending on what you like, your requests and how many guests attend the event.

Let us choose the best option for you, you won’t be disapointed!

The extended wild region of Gippsland makes for a perfect canvas to your outdoor wedding. We have mountains, the bush, the ocean, lakes, pristine water rivers, wildlife and amazing local food and wine. I think the purity and the wilderness of the Gippsland region has long been overlooked and understated. We have massive national parks, different to one another, where incredible wild views nest discretly. We have plenty of ‘secret spots’ where you can get lost under the stars.

Now, Under the Moon is all about putting the wild Gippsland region forward, bringing talented local vendors, food and the outdoors together. We are here to make your wedding a unique Gippsland wedding.

Let us show you what the wild Gippsland is