Meet the team: Morgane

Meet the team: Morgane
March 13, 2018 admin

Meet the team: Morgane, Under the Moon’s founder

Our Under the Moon team is made out of all the awesome team of vendors, but is mostly supervised by Morgane, our founder!

She was interviewed by HELLO MAY for their ISSUE 20, and here is the full interview!

  1. What services do you offer? We offer are all-inclusive wild elopement packages for adventurous couples – think glamping weddings in stunning locations; but we also offer packages for proposals, bridal showers and private parties.
  2. Talk us through exactly what you do and who is on your team and what do they do? I take care of the bookings and the general managing of the business. I work as the event coordinator (liaising with the couple and all the vendors) and on the day you might also see me go behind the camera to capture the day (I also have a photography and videography business called Petite Visuals). I have a very talented and strong group of vendors behind me which helps a LOT. It’s also very important for me to surround myself with awesome vendors as we work together: bounce ideas off each other so it creates awesome events for the couples. In the team, there is a few celebrants I work with like Evie Wilson from Peace & Love ceremonies (but the couple chooses any celebrant they match the most with), there is Bec from The Simple Gesture for anything flower related, Victoria Dunham is a very talented freelance hairdresser, Kiah from Hunter & Gatherer and Nathan from Duart for the food, Elle James from Mi Mon Moi and Jacinta of the Harmony Nest for the make up and spa treatments, Klaire from the Huntress & Co for her awesome styling and props. We also have Fabio Oliviera for the photography if I can’t put my photography hat on. I work closely with Lucy from Breathe Bell tents for the canvas camping gear, and Koala (mattresses) to assure a comfy overnight stay (trust me, you don’t want to spend your honeymoon night on a stretcher bed or a lilow!).
  3. Three key benefits of eloping? I believe that eloping helps you focus on what really matters the most: re-center the wedding on your love (it’s a bit corny but that’s what it’s all about!). Ditch the never ending guest list, only bring the essentials and make it an unforgettable experience. Couples often say their wedding day goes way too fast and they couldn’t even spend time with their partner, they regret not having a more intimate and simple wedding.
  4. Advice for couples on the fence about eloping? If you are worried about the ‘intimate’ side of eloping and want to share the special moment with everyone, uncle John and great Auntie Margaret then try pulling off a bigger engagement party. That way you can have everyone there, make a few speeches etc., and elope without regret with your partner and possibly your closest friends/family members. By eloping, it will be easier to make the event to have a unique celebration: climb the top of a mountain for the ceremony, go swimming after the reception or even make the elopement last a whole weekend if you want.
  5. Fave moment from the day to capture? That moment after the ceremony when the couples are finally married, and also that moment when all inhibitions go out the window sometime after 10pm!
  6. Where are you based? (how far out of the CBD are you etc)? We are based 2 hours away from Melbourne, in the Gippsland region, in Wellington shire just at the entrance of the Alpine region and the Gippsland lakes. We have 3 different locations (in the mountains near a pristine river, by the ocean and on river fronted acreage under oak trees). 
  7. What area’s do you service? Depending on what the couples want, the number of guests, we suggest the location that best suit. But we can travel to other locations within Victoria and NSW south coast if the couples have a specific spot in mind.
  8. Top three Victorian elopement spots and why? I would have to say Gippsland! People often overlook the region for some reason, which makes it a perfect unique canvas. My favorite spots are Wilson’s Promontory, Lake Glenmaggie and around Licola in the mountains. Also one of the many spots along the 90 miles beach (and its soft sand).
  9. Are couples allowed to invite guests / witnesses? If yes is there a cap? Absolutely. We can provide witnesses if the couples just want to elope together, or they can invite up to 15 people. However, our cap is 30.
  10. How far in advance do couples need to book? At least a month and a half (to make sure the celebrant has enough time to send the legal papers through). The sooner the better though, so we can assure the availability of our busy team.
  11. Favourite trend for 2018 weddings?  We love the eco-friendly and slow movement. For example we love using foraged or locally grown flowers. The good thing about using Australian grown flowers, the natives, is that they will last longer, so you can enjoy your bouquets for longer. We also try to bring locally grown and seasonal food to the table, as well as plastic free furniture and dinnerware on our camps. We avoid using “fast-fashion” products on our camps and go towards local makers and businesses. If we do have to buy anything from overseas, we check that what you buy has a low impact on the environment and/or has been made by someone who was paid a fair wage. You could try the same for your wedding: if you organise a big event, try to limit waste by composting the scraps, and donating the good leftovers to OzHarvest. And if you are in the Sydney area, try to hire a mindful caterer like Dan the man  . Oh and I also love the seperates trend in the bridal gowns.
  12. Trend you can’t wait to see the back of? Not sure if that’s a trend, but can’t wait to see the end of all the rules that couples put upon themselves and dictates what they ‘have to’ do at their wedding. There’s is no rule that says you need to have a bridal party, no rules that says you have to cut the cake, no rules that say your wedding dress should be white, no rules that say you have to have a first dance… I love all these, but I hate when couples feel like they “have to” do something. Some are traditions, but what about starting your own tradition (wedding pinata anyone!?).
  13. What are the costs / what do the costs cover? For an elopement for 2 you have to count about $7200 and that includes everything you would need: celebrant, photographer, flowers (with bridal bouquet or flower crown/hoop, boutonniere…), make-up, hair, food, styling, bell tent camp with comfy bed, ceremony set up and dinner set up, and stay in one of our locations. We custom make every quote for each couple, as the costs depends on the location they pick, the guests and your choices.
  14. Are there any optional add ons like a cinematographer for example? Talk us through them… In the all-inclusive package the photography includes a 2 mins highlights video too. Other extras includes: a pop up photobooth (yes, even in the wild!), live music, bridal gift boxes from our florist, caravan bar with Hayley from Lady Francesca and extra bell tents.
  15. Do you meet up with couples before hand, hows the process usually work? Yes! I love to meet the couples before hand. Sometimes some of the vendors might come too, so the couples can also meet them and talk through their elopement vision. If people are too far, we also skype and do Facebook messenger sessions!
  16. Fave part of the job? Forever sourcing props and vendors to always create something unique and exceptionnal for the couples. I’ve just changed the whole bed linen for our camp beds and the whole dinnerware style. I love it!
  17. Any funny stories from the trenches? Flat lilows (you get the point…)



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